Parrot Bluetooth Kits

The Install Bay fit all types of bluetooth devices. Our main brand that we recommend to install is Parrot. The Parrot kits vary from $349-$549 installed depending on the model you require and your vehicle.

The Parrot range has a CK and an MKi series. The CK range has the CK3000, and the CK3100. The only major difference in these two is that the CK3100 has an LCD screen for you to be able to view what’s going on.

The MKi range is the high end of the Parrot kits. They basically allow you to utilise your iPhone or iPod via a cable so you can play all your songs via the Parrot system. The MKi range has the MKi9000, MKi9100, and the MKi9200. All the Parrot kits run through the car speakers.

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